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SCEC Approved Secure Containers, now available..

SRA Standard Range 2016/17

We have SCEC approval to manufacture a range of standard sizes including 7 heights, 4 depths and 2 Widths.

SRA Expanded Range

The Rack industry has a wide range of preferred cabinet sizes… SRA have been successful in seeking SCEC approval to manufacture a fully compliant “EXPANDED” range of approved cabinets, Including a further 5 heights, 4 depths and 2 Widths.

SCEC Custom Range

Notwithstanding the rack sizing outlined in the New SCEC Specifications, and our ability to offer a total of 96 variants, our quality engineering team have the Design expertise and capability to offer fully Customised SCEC product and project manage Variations on the SCEC approved designs.

The very latest SCEC Endorsed - Secure Cabinet designs are being manufactured in our Queanbeyan factory today..

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